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Our 2024 Charity Contributions

The BNCF proudly upholds its commitment to leaving the world better than we found it. In our inaugural year of 2024, with the generous support of our contributing partners – Artesian, Office H2O, and Pure Water Partners – we achieved a significant milestone by donating $63,593 to two impactful charities whose work align perfectly with our mission: Keep America Beautiful® and charity: water. Read further to learn more about the selected charities, our donations, and the projects they’re supporting.

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the mission

Leaving It Better Than We Found It.

Our mission is to reduce plastic in the marketplace by implementing environmentally-friendly products and practices as well as aligning with other water-related initiatives that encourage environmental clean-up and supporting causes that serve water-insecure communities around the US and abroad.


We Are Driving Change in Our Communities

BNCF is driving change by educating communities on the importance of ditching plastic and cleaning up our environment.


There are 66x as many bottles as humans on this planet.

10 million tons

The estimated amount of plastic that enters our oceans every year.

By 2050

The amount of plastic in our oceans will outweigh the fish.

100 Billion

There are more microplastics in the ocean than stars in the Milky Way.

Highly-skilled, independent professional freelancer.


A Plastic-Free World

BNCF envisions a world that’s no longer dependent on plastic. While we recognize the damage done, we know we can change the course and impact how much plastic we use. We’re not just about promoting plastic-free solutions – We’re looking for ways to elevate a plastic-free lifestyle.

Our Plans

To Give Back

In order to have an impact, we know we need to work together. Through the generous donations of the Bottleless Nation business partners and affiliates, BNCF is dedicated to providing financial support to local and global charities that are having direct impacts on the environment and water-insecure communities. Because together, we believe we can all create One Bottleless Nation!

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Why We’re Doing It

Because We Owe It Ourselves

And we owe it to the next generations. Plastic pollution will continue to harm our environment if we let it. But BNCF is dedicated to stepping in and correcting the course. Because we know that when the planet is healthier, people are healthier. We owe it to ourselves to do better and live better.

Our Board

Caring Individuals Just Like You

Bottleless Nation Charitable Foundation is run by a group of environmentally-conscious and business-driven individuals from both inside and outside the Bottleless Nation organization. All 13 members of our Board of Governors are volunteers looking to make an impact by helping push the BNCF mission forward. Together, we believe we can drastically reduce plastic in the marketplace and encourage environmental clean-up along the way.

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Look Good While Making a Difference

Support the BNCF

Want to help make a difference? Visit our merchandise store today! 15% of proceeds donated go to the Bottleless Nation Charitable Foundation in support of impactful charities encouraging environmental cleanup and providing clean, healthy water to communities in the US and abroad.